It’s early morning following CPFJs gig last night at the Hilton Harrisburg, where The Carl Allen Rodney Whitaker Project took center stage.

They were incredible.

To be frank, I didn’t know these guys before I’d read the lineup in December announcing their upcoming performance. And then I did some research (YouTube, Carl Allen’s Web site) and I started diggin’ them a little more.

But even those could not compare to last night’s live performance. Simply put: They blew us away!

From Marvin Gaye’s Inner City Blues to Smokey Robinson’s Get Ready to Carl Allen’s La Shea’s Walk (written for his wife), the audience was mesmerized by The Project’s skillful transitions and outright in-your-face, unapologetic interpretations.

But it was their sultry, hypnotic rendition of With You I’m Born Again that stood out. (Trust me, this YouTube clip doesn’t even come close!)

Yeah, they got me…and everybody else in the room too.

In closing: If you EVER have an opportunity to hear these guys LIVE – don’t miss it! You owe it to yourself.

Freddy Cole 3/28

Freddy Cole 3/28

Up next: The grand FREDDY COLE on Sunday, March 28th. Hope to see you there.