Remembering Hank Jones

May 18, 2010

True Legend

Hank Jones, a true giant of jazz piano, passed away at the age of 91 on May 16, 2010 in NYC. CPFJ was lucky enough to have presented him in person at one of our earlier festivals.

Jones remained vital right up to the end, playing and touring in Japan earlier this year, staying active on the NYC scene and having been scheduled for a European tour this summer.

We are fortunate that his life and legacy have been well chronicled from their start. He received every honor the jazz world offers. His recordings easily number in the hundreds (and probably thousands).

Not to be forgotten is the role Hank played in breaking down racial barriers in network TV 60 years ago. With quiet dignity and personality, coupled with amazing talent, he truly resembled Jackie Robinson (sports) and Lena Horne (film) with their contributions.

Today no one thinks twice when they see a musician of color backing a Jay Leno, David Letterman or a Saturday Night Live host.

To a great degree, Hank Jones made that possible.

Mr Jones, we thank you

Submitted by Gary Hoffman